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Garlic-Mango Pickle

Garlic-Mango Pickle

Pickles – Full of taste! Every state and probably every family has their unique way of making pickles in India. The pickle that I made is something that my friend Dharadidi taught me. And guess what? This pickle is a center of attraction of our every party!! I love this with any kind of parathas! So Here is the recipe.

Lasan Athanu (2)

Preparing time: 10 minutes + 1 day
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Cuisine: Indian


Raw mango – 3 large
Peeled Garlic – 2.5 cups
Peeled ginger – 2.5 cups
Salt – 1 tbsp
Methi Masalo/ Achaar masala – 250gm
Mustard Oil/Peanut Oil – 150 ml


Peel raw mango, garlic and ginger.

Make coarse paste of garlic and ginger individually in a mixer.


Take a pan and cook garlic and ginger paste until it becomes dry and gets golden brown color.

Allow it to cool down completely. Mix this dried ginger-garlic paste. Shred the raw mango. Mix this shredded mango into the mixture. ( Try to remove the excess water from mango by squeezing it and make sure that the quantity of mango should be equals to the mixture of ginger-garlic paste to maintain the taste of garlic in the pickle.)

Add 250 gm of methi masalo/ Achaar masala and 1 tbsp salt. Mix everything well. Pour 1 cup of oil on the top. Cover it and keep it for a day. ( Achaar masala is basically a mixture of roasted and coarse crushed fenugreek seeds/methi or mustard seeds/sarson, red chilli powder and salt)

On the next day. Pour 100ml of moderately hot oil on it, Mix everything well and store it in airtight container. ( You can add more oil after some day if you need)

And your garlic pickle is ready! 🙂

Lasan Athanu (3)

Lasan Athanu (1)



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