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Bookmark – Type 4

Bookmark – Type 4

Another simplest and quickest way to make bookmarks. You can purchase materials from Michaels/Amazon/ any other craft store.


All you need is:
Waste cardboard
Basic colorful craft paper
Designed craft paper
Creative punch
Glue stick
Colorful glue tape
Quilling strips

Step 1 : Take any waste cardboards and cover it with colorful glue tape.

Step 2 : As the colorful glue tape has some designs, Glue basic blue craft paper. Using simple punch. punch small round on top.

Step 3 : Using Crimping tool, make crimped quillig strips. Select colors of your choice and roll them.

Step 4 : Stick those flowers on top and tie white sparkling ribbon on top. And your bookmarks are ready!


Here are some more designs and styles you can try!





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