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Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)

Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)

Aamrakhand (1)

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Setting time: 6-8 hours

Servings: 4-5

Cuisine: Indian
Category: Dessert


Curd/yogurt – 1 kg
Powdered Sugar – 250 gm
Mango pulp – 1 cup
Mango essence – 1 drop (optional)
Cashews – for garnishing


First, you need to prepare a hung curd. Pour 1 kg curd/ yogurt in a cotton/ muslin cloth, put that in a sieve and place a container to store excess water.Refrigerate for 6-8 hours. Let all the water drain out. This will give you 650 gm of hung curd.

Take the hung curd/yogurt in a mixing bowl. Add 250 gm powdered sugar and mix well with the help of whisk.

Add 1 cup of mango pulp (I used alphanso mango) and one drop of Mango essence. (This is optional but it enhances the flavor).

Mix everything well and Mango shrikhand is ready! Garnish it with nuts. Put it in a refrigerator until you serve it 🙂

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